HBO MAX: Why Go To The Movies When The Movies Are Coming Home

Cinema lovers get to enjoy some of the 2021 movie premieres from the comfort of their homes

The movie-going experience is unique. The smell of popcorn, overpriced snacks, sticky floors, and cushioned red seats is a movie lover’s dream. What if you can have that in the comfort of your home? Well, except for the sticky floors. HBO MAX is bringing the experience to living rooms everywhere with its lineup of new movies. Cinema lovers get to enjoy some of the 2021 movie premieres exclusively while they are still in theaters from the comfort of their homes.

Gamers of the past are jumping for joy with the news of a new Mortal Kombat film. This iteration of the bloody cult classic video game bears an R rating, fitting for fans of the original game who have since become adults. The film transports the audience deep into the Mortal Kombat universe. The film provides fans a glimpse into the origins of popular characters Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

The Denis Villeneuve directed Dune is an adaptation of a novel that bears the same name. Set in the future, the sci-fi film boasts an all-star cast. The action unfolds on a desert planet that is home to a drug that can extend human life, give the user superhuman levels of thought, and generates faster than light travel. If that doesn’t sound intriguing enough, the desert planet, Dune is also home to giant sandworms.

Comic Book fanatics will rejoice in the next edition of Suicide Squad. The sequel, long in the making, is the tenth movie in the DC Extended Universe. Margot Robbie returns as the iconic Harley Quinn with new characters introduced like John Cena as Peacemaker, Idris Elba as Bloodsport, and Rambo himself Sylvester Stallone, whose role in the film is still undefined.

The actual clash of the titans will be Godzilla vs. Kong. The two iconic monsters will face off as this film merges both universes and will serve as sequels to each franchise’s last release. In this film, humanity is in a race to preserve its future while Godzilla faces off against King Kong.

One of the most anticipated film premieres of the year is the Matrix 4. The original trilogy broke barriers and innovated the art of filmmaking. The franchise has spawned countless amounts of fan theories and cinematic breakdowns on YouTube, but will the latest addition to the franchise hold up? With the return of original casts such as Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Jada Pinket Smith chances are strong it will hold up. Much about Lana Wachowski’s Matrix 4 has been under wraps, so fans and critics alike can only speculate what will take place.

HBO MAX is making sure fans can stay safe all 2021 while enjoying these new films. With its Warner Bros. partnership, audiences can stream the new releases for up to a month, after which the movies will remain in theaters.

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