Mass Effect Series Rejoice as the all-new Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is now Available

Changes Were Made to the Gamplay, Graphics and more.

Gamer fans of the Mass Effect series rejoice as the all-new Mass Effect: Legendary Edition by Bioware is now officially available. Released on May 14, 2021, this video game trilogy is brought to fans of this series by Bioware, the developers of Anthem and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Electronic Arts are also in on the production and development of this game that isn’t new in the sense that the storyline has changed but the game has had changes made to enhance the overall gameplay for today’s consoles.

Updated Gameplay
Originally released in 2007, this Sci-Fi series started off as one of three video games. At the beginning of this trilogy’s origin story, the core platforms for this video game were Xbox 360, PS3, and Microsoft Windows. However, improvements have been made to this updated the edition in terms of playability. These improvements to the overall playability including making the game compatible with Windows 10, Xbox One, and series S/X at 60 and 120 fps respectively, as well as PlayStation 4.

One of the biggest changes that have been made to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is found in the overall look of the game thanks to the enhanced graphics. Deviating away from the standard look for this video game involved updating its look to the enhanced 4k ultra HD graphics. Furthermore, improvement had to also be made to the various shaders, performance, and lighting to match the frame rate and other related factors such as HDR and other visuals.

In addition to getting enhanced visuals there were improvements made to older video games that were integrated into the Mass Effect Legendary Edition game. Upon beginning their journey toward the completion of this game series every gamer will notice the updated playability first and foremost. From there, things have changed drastically. The game is still the same in the sense that it is still single-player with no multiplayer mode included but one nice addition is the hub allows easy access to each game title. Another addition is the customizations which can be made via the player creation section.

Other Changes
There are other in-game changes that have been made to this game to further enhance the player’s gaming experience. Players will notice changes have been made to various in-game functions such as the aim assist which is balanced out to match the look and feel of the ME 2/3 installments. Furthermore, controller support has been added to the PC platform as well as the frame rate, especially as it pertains to load times for a given screen.

In conclusion, the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition reached the gaming universe on May 14, 2021, and was developed by Bioware and Electronic Arts. While the overall storyline remains the same, other visual enhancements and areas of improvement were required in an effort to bring the ME series into the current technological age. This allows for current-gen consoles to be compatible with this game.

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