Game Developer, Valve, Reveals the Trailer for the Virtual Reality Game, Half-Life: Alyx

Virtual Reality Gamers is Getting More Interactive

Virtual reality games are becoming more and more sophisticated. With the increasing technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence, tech tools and equipment, the gaming experience is leaping beyond our expectations. Recently, the acclaimed game developing corporation Valve has announced it will be returning with the full-length, virtual reality game, Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx. The VR is part of the original Final Hours series from in 1998. Valve plans to release Half-Life: Alyx in March of 2020. After watching the gameplay video/trailer, we expect Half-Life to exceed our expectations and give us an experience we will not forget propelling VR experience to the forefront of gaming

We’ve tried various games in different franchises…they were, more like milestones to get to where we are now…  -David Spreyer, Valve

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