If You Are a Casual Gamer, There Are Many New Games From Which to Choose

Each year we have a large number of new titles that challenge our minds and take us to new worlds

If you are old enough, you remember those great days of Pac-Mac or Space Invaders. Times have changed. People have changed. The gamer community has made big changes. Gaming has definitely gone mainstream. Each year we have a large number of new titles that challenge our minds and take us to new worlds. The following are some of the latest games to hit the market.

This action-adventure takes place in the whimsical and forever changing land known as Geodia. The battle foes have an arsenal of guns, gadgets, and gear. You will need to take down the titans in the mining industry while you harness the power of Sparklite. Everything in this kingdom of Geodia is related to Sparklite – the life force of the planet. While on your mission, watch out for Baron.

Pokemon Shield
The community playing this game will be taken to the land of Galar. The area offers many environments, which include contemporary cities, the countryside, snow-covered mountains, and thick forests. Pokemon and the people live in the area. Together they have developed industries. You will visit different gyms in the region. As a gamer, it is your goal to achieve the title of Champion.

Need for Speed Heat
You will need to hustle throughout your day and then risk it all during the night. This is a white-knuckle racer. It puts you vs. a city’s rogue police force. You will find yourself battling your way through the streets with the elite of street racers. You can compete in the Speedhunter Showdown during the day. This is a sanctioned competition where you can earn enough to customize or upgrade your garage, which is full of the highest performing cars. At night you can drive out with your crew and take on the competition driving in the illicit street races. Here you will build your reputation. This is also where you will gain access to much bigger races. Just lookout for the rogue task force. They are looking to take your down and take everything you have earned.

Citadel: Forged with Fire
Here you will find an online massive sandbox RPG. It possesses elements of magic. There is also spellcasting. You will find an inter-kingdom conflict. You find yourself just a newly made apprentice dealing with the magic arts. Even so, you are set to go off and investigate Ignus, a hazardous world. Here you want to create a name for yourself. You also want to gain notoriety and power.

You are Lola and Milo. You have been the best of friends, but now you are both dead. You both find yourselves looking down to an eternity in Hell. However, you need to find the loophole, which is to outdrink Satan. Once you do, he will let you re-enter Earth. Every step you take determines what adventures you will experience in the underworld. You need to learn the mystery as to why you have been damned. If you decide to go on the biggest bender ever you might find out what happens.

New games are always fantastic to play. There are many of them presently available, with many more hitting the shelves in the future.

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